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Ice Fishing Gear For Sale

Discover Best Ice Fishing Gear From Top Brands

Ice fishing is an adventure sport. But it would be best if you had the right preparation before going on the ice. So, Ice fishing gear is a beneficial tool for Ice fishing. Once you're through the ice, you need the best ice fishing tackle to start catching fish. Ice fishing gear is highly specialized. A piece of ice saw ice auger or chisel is used to cut a circular or rectangular hole in the ice. The hole size depends on the type of fish sought, generally suggested is 8 inches (20 cm).

Ice fishing gear is highly specialized. A piece of ice saw ice auger or chisel is used to cut a circular or rectangular hole in the ice. Ice fishing can be done at any time of day and is typically most active around dusk and dawn. Different fish are active at other times of day, so anglers need to fish for them accordingly.

Essential Ice Fishing Gears List:

  • Jigging ice fishing rod and reel
  • Live bait container stocked with live bait
  • Terminal tackle such as line clippers, fish grabbers, pliers, hooks, sinkers, etc.
  • Ice fishing tip-ups
  • Ice fishing electronics
  • Ice auger and skimmer
  • Retractable ice pick (Just in case)
  • Sled to tote all your ice fishing equipment
  • Bucket, chair, or ice shanty to set up shop

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