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Optics, Scopes & Sights For Sale

Get The Best Deals On Rifle Scopes, Gun Sights And Other Optics

Hunting Optics, scopes & sights are used during hunting to see targets. A great rifle scope or optic can help you find and hit targets even in less-than-ideal lighting and weather conditions.

Gun Sights or also called sights are any of the numerous optical devices that aid in aiming a firearm. Its forms include the simple iron sights on pistols and the more complex front and rear sights on target and high-powered sporting rifles.

Rifle Scopes: Target shooting and hunting world, rifle scopes are a ubiquitous accessory. Riflescopes can be mounted to not only rifles but handguns and shotguns too. With night vision scopes, you can improve your game with another set of eyes to help you make your shot.

Difference Between Sights vs. Scopes

Sights & Scopes are very similar in function & purpose, but there are few differences between both that you should know.

  • A scope is an excellent option for most hunters. It provides excellent light-gathering, and the increased magnification will aid in identifying the game. On the other hand, sights are generally cheaper, lighter, more durable, and faster to acquire a target with than a scope.
  • A sight is an optic without magnification, while a scope is an optic with magnification.
  • Scopes require closing one eye to acquire a target, therefore losing situational awareness. Sight allows the user to shoot with both eyes open means that you remain in touch with what is going on around you.
  • Scopes are not ideal for fast target acquisition because of magnification. On the other hand, Sight has been proven to be the quickest type of aiming reticle and provides the most significant hit probability on moving targets.

While choosing hunting optics, a generic guide that everyone must keep in mind is that for general shooting and hunting, a low-powered optic is best. In contrast, wildlife observers or serious distance hunters may want a more powerful optic.

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