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.33 WCF Ammo

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The .33 Winchester Center Fire (colloquially .33 WCF or .33 Win) is an American centerfire rifle cartridge.

Introduced by Winchester for the Model 1886 lever rifle in 1902, it survived until the Model 86 was dropped in 1936. It was also offered in the Marlin Model 1895 and Winchester's own single-shot Model 1885.

A good round for deer, elk, or black bear in wooded terrain at medium range, it outperforms the ballistically similar .35 Remington and can be improved with modern powders. The .33 WCF was replaced by the more powerful .348 Winchester and stopped being commercially offered in 1940.

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Ventura Heritage




.33 wcf


Ventura Heritage .33 WCF 240gr FP Ammo - 20 Rounds

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20 Rounds
$3.06 cost per round

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