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In Stock .457 WWG AMMO For Sale From Various Retailers

.457 WWG. is a SAAMI standardized cartridge. It has the same rim dimensions as the .45-70 Government but operates at much higher pressures – SAAMI maximum average pressure  of 43,500 psi as opposed to the 28,000 psi of the .45-70.

The higher pressure allows .457 WWG to launch 350-grain bullets at a muzzle velocity of .2,300 fps. To withstand the higher pressure, .457 WWG cartridge has a much stronger case than the .45-70 Gov’t. It has a 2.21 case length and 2.665 overall length.

These dimensions are .105 and .11 longer than the case and overall lengths of the .45-70 Government cartridge. I assume it is designed so to prevent accidental chambering of the .457 WWG cartridge in a .45-70 Gov’t chamber. The opposite is safe – .457 WWG can safely chamber any .45-70 load.

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