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In Stock .475 TURNBULL Ammo For Sale- Top Vendors Available

Turnbull developed the .475 specifically for the Model 1886 action. The Winchester action is longer than the Marlin 1895 action and the .475 cartridge will not fit in a Marlin.

The .475 Turnbull has a .610 rim diameter, .070 rim thickness, 548 base diameter, .538 shoulder diameter, 17-degree 15-minute shoulder angle and .502 neck diameter. Case length is 2.20 and the maximum cartridge overall length is 2.78.

The cartridges are designed for use in rifles with tubular magazines, only flat point or round nose bullets are used. The eponymous result was this round, built from a blown-out necked-up .348 Winchester case. Turnbull has said that vintage Winchester 1886 actions are strong enough to handle the 40,000-plus psi pressures the .475 Turnbull generates, but they must be rebarreled with modern steel alloys.

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