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Find 5.7x28mm Ammo At Best Price From Top Ammo Retailers

The FN 5.7×28mm designated as the 5.7 × 28 by the C.I.P. is a small-caliber, high-velocity, smokeless powder, rebated rim, bottlenecked, centerfire handgun and rifle cartridge designed and manufactured by FN Herstal in Belgium.

The 5.7x28mm is not a heavy-hitting round but is compact and accurate with light recoil.

5.7x28mm ammunition fires a relatively light 27-40 grain bullet at a high muzzle velocity of 1,600 to 2,200 feet per second. This caliber produces flat trajectories and can be used for both target shooting and hunting at close to medium range. 

About 5.7x28mm

  • Type: Personal defense weapon
  • Place of origin: Belgium
  • Used by: 40+ nations; see:
  • Designer: Jean-Paul Denis (SS90) [5]
  •  Marc Neuforge (SS90) [5]
  • Designed: 1986–90 (SS90) [1]
  • 1992–93 (SS190) [6]
  • Manufacturer: FN Herstal
  • Variants: See Varieties


  • Case type: Rimless, bottleneck
  • Bullet diameter: 5.70 mm (0.224 in)
  • Neck diameter: 6.38 mm (0.251 in)
  • Shoulder diameter: 7.95 mm (0.313 in)
  • Base diameter: 7.95 mm (0.313 in)
  • Rim diameter: 7.80 mm (0.307 in)
  • Rim thickness: 1.14 mm (0.045 in)
  • Case length: 28.90 mm (1.138 in)
  • Overall length: 40.50 mm (1.594 in)
  • Case capacity: 0.90 cm3 (13.9 gr H2O)
  • Rifling twist: 228.6 mm ( 1 in 9 inch)
  • Primer Type: Boxer Small Rifle
  • Maximum pressure: 345.00 MPa (50,038 psi)

Ballistic performance

Bullet mass/type Velocity Energy
23gr.(1.5g)SS90 AP FMJ 850 m/s (2,800 ft/s) 540 J (400 ft⋅lbf)
31gr.(2.0g)SS190 AP FMJ 716 m/s (2,350 ft/s) 534 J (394 ft⋅lbf)
28gr.(1.8g)SS195LF JHP 716 m/s (2,350 ft/s) 467 J (344 ft⋅lbf)

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