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50 BMG Ammo

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.50 BMG

  • Type Heavy machine gun/anti-materiel rifle
  • Place of origin United States
  • Service history
  • In-service 1921–present
  • Used by NATO and many other countries
  • Wars World War II
  • Korean War
  • Vietnam War
  • Cambodian Civil War
  • Falklands War
  • Persian Gulf War
  • Global War on Terrorism
  • Iraq War
  • War in Afghanistan
  • Syrian Civil War
  • Iraqi Civil War (2014–2017)
  • Yemeni Civil War (2015–present)
  • Saudi Arabian-led intervention in Yemen
  • Saudi–Yemeni border conflict (2015–present)
  • Production history
  • Designer Winchester Repeating Arms Co. and Frankford Arsenal


  • Parent case .30-06 Springfield
  • Case type Rimless, bottleneck
  • Bullet diameter .510 in (13.0 mm)
  • Neck diameter .560 in (14.2 mm)
  • Shoulder diameter .735 in (18.7 mm)
  • Base diameter .804 in (20.4 mm)
  • Rim diameter .804 in (20.4 mm)
  • Rim thickness .083 in (2.1 mm)
  • Case length 3.91 in (99 mm)
  • Overall length 5.45 in (138 mm)
  • Case capacity 292.8 gr H2O (18.97 cm3)
  • Primer type #35 Arsenal Primer
  • Maximum pressure (TM43-0001-27) 54,923 psi (378.68 MPa)
  • Maximum pressure (EPVAT) 60,481 psi (417.00 MPa)
  • Maximum pressure (C.I.P.) 53,664 psi (370.00 MPa)

Ballistic performance

Bullet mass/type Velocity Energy
647 gr (42 g) Speer 3,044 ft/s (928 m/s) 13,310 ft⋅lbf (18,050 J)
655 gr (42 g) ADI 3,029 ft/s (923 m/s) 13,350 ft⋅lbf (18,100 J)
700 gr (45 g) Barnes 2,978 ft/s (908 m/s) 13,971 ft⋅lbf (18,942 J)
750 gr (49 g) Hornady 2,820 ft/s (860 m/s) 13,241 ft⋅lbf (17,952 J)[2]
800 gr (52 g) Barnes 2,895 ft/s (882 m/s) 14,895 ft⋅lbf (20,195 J)

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The .50 B.M.G. cartridge also used in long-range target and anti-materiel rifles, as well as other, .50-caliber machine guns.

A wide variety of ammunition is available, and the availability of match grade ammunition has increased the usefulness of .50 caliber rifles by allowing more accurate fire than lower quality rounds.

The .50 B.M.G. cartridge also used in long-range target and anti-materiel rifles, as well as other, .50-caliber machine guns.

The development of the .50 B.M.G. round is sometimes confused with the German 13.2 mm TAF, which was developed by Germany for an anti-tank rifle to combat British tanks during WWI and against aircraft. According to the American Rifleman: "Actually, the Browning .50 originated in the Great War.

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