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.50 Action Express

In Stock .50 Action Express Ammo- Top Ammo Vendors Available

The .50 Action Express is a large caliber handgun cartridge. Developed in 1988 by American Evan Whildin of Action Arms, the .50 AE is one of the most powerful pistol cartridges in production.

One of the reasons for the .50 AE’s popularity is because of the ammunition’s amazing performance.

In addition to hunting and protection against predators, shooters use the .50 Action Express for metallic silhouette shooting, as the bullet travels hard, fast, and long.

About .50 Action Express

  • Type: Handgun
  • Place of origin: United States
  • Designer: Evan Whildin, Action Arms
  • Designed: 1988


  • Case type: Rebated rim, straight
  • Bullet diameter: .500 in (12.7 mm)
  • Neck diameter: .540 in (13.7 mm)
  • Base diameter: .547 in (13.9 mm)
  • Rim diameter: .514 in (13.1 mm)
  • Rim thickness: .060 in (1.5 mm)
  • Case length: 1.285 in (32.6 mm)
  • Overall length: 1.610 in (40.9 mm)
  • Primer type: Large pistol

Ballistic performance

Bullet mass/type Velocity Energy
300 gr (19 g) XTP Hornady 1,475 ft/s (450 m/s) 1,449 ft⋅lbf (1,965 J)
300 gr (19 g) GDHP Speer 1,550 ft/s (470 m/s) 1,600 ft⋅lbf (2,200 J)
325 gr (21 g) UCHP Speer 1,450 ft/s (440 m/s) 1,517 ft⋅lbf (2,057 J)

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