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The .222 Remington, also known as the triple deuce, triple two, and treble two, is a centerfire rifle cartridge. It was introduced in 1950. It was the first commercial rimless .22 (5.56 mm) cartridge made in the United States. As such, it was an entirely new design without a parent case.

The .222 Remington was a popular target cartridge from its introduction until the mid-1970s and still enjoys a reputation for accuracy. The .222 Remington and the .222 Magnum faded quickly into obsolescence, being replaced by the .223 Remington.


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Latest products for 222 remington

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  • Ammo To Go 20rds – 222 Rem Remington Premier 50gr. AccuTip-V BT Ammo for $25.95
  • Sportsman Fulfillment Remington PRA222RB Premier Accutip 222 50 GR AccuTip 20 Rounds for $27.49
  • Natchez Shooters Supplies Remington Premier AccuTip Varmint Rifle Ammunition .222 Rem 50 gr ATV-BT - 3140 fps for $28.49
  • Natchez Shooters Supplies Lapua Rifle Ammuntion .222 Rem 55gr FMJ 2887 fps 20/ct for $37.49







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