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The .32 S&W cartridge was introduced in 1878 for Smith & Wesson pocket revolvers. It is also known as the .32 S&W Short. It is designed initially as a black powder cartridge. The 32 S&W short rounds were designed for short distance self-defense, in a revolver designed for concealment in a vest or a front pocket.


The .32 S&W Long cartridge is derived from the .32 S&W, by increasing the overall brass case length, to hold more powder. The 32 S&W is still an accessible round among enthusiasts of small antique revolvers. The 32 S&W can also be fired in a pistol chambered in 32 S&W long.

About .32 NAA

Type Handgun

Place of origin United States

Designer Smith & Wesson

Designed 1878


Case type Rimmed, straight

Bullet diameter .312 in (7.9 mm)

Neck diameter .334 in (8.5 mm)

Base diameter .335 in (8.5 mm)

Rim diameter .375 in (9.5 mm)

Rim thickness .045 in (1.1 mm)

Case length .61 in (15 mm)

Overall length .92 in (23 mm)

Primer type Berdan or boxer small pistol

Ballistic performance

Bullet mass/type Velocity Energy

85 gr (6 g) Lead 705 ft/s (215 m/s) 93 ft⋅lbf (126 J)

98 gr (6 g) Lead 705 ft/s (215 m/s) 115 ft⋅lbf (156 J)


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