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260 Rem Ammo

260 Rem Ammo For Sale - Listing From Trusted Ammo Retailers Available

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Remington introduced the .260 Remington cartridge in 1997. This cartridge is similar to the 6.5×55mm when bullet weights do not exceed 140 grains.

The .260 Remington started its life as a wildcat cartridge called the 6.5-08, and eventually released as a commercial cartridge by Remington. The .260 Remington uses the .308 Winchester case as its parent cartridge, which is necked down to accept a .264 caliber bullet with no further changes made to the situation. The .260 Remington has a case capacity of about 3.47 ml.

The recommended bore diameter is .256 in (6.50 mm), and the groove diameter is .264 in (6.71 mm). The .260 Remington has become popular with metallic silhouette shooters. The .260 Remington has certain advantages:

The bullets have an excellent sectional density (penetrating ability) and a good selection of bullet weights. The .260 Remington's larger case capacity and longer brass casing.

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Nosler E-Tip Rifle Ammunition .260 Rem 120 gr E-Tip 20/ct

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