Meet The Team

At Bulk Cheap Ammo we have a dedicated team for different tasks: Content, Development, Data Updation and Verification. Our team works regularly to update & manage products listed on our website.

Lalit Kumar

Lalit Kumar Owner and Co-Founder

Lalit Kumar, the owner & co-founder of Bulk Cheap Ammo, developed the website with the vision of helping ammo buyers & retailers.

In 2007, started his career as a web developer. During his long development carrier worked with many ammo retailers.

After a deep understanding of the industry, he developed Bulk Cheap Ammo to help new ammo retailers who don’t have a top presence in Google or can’t register with other big directories because of their high registration price.

He also developed other projects like: Online Gun Store , Sportsman Finder & Cheap Ammos website.

Empowering Ammo Buyers

With a user-centric focus, Bulk Cheap Ammo prioritizes the needs of ammunition buyers. The platform offers an intuitive interface that enables users to compare prices, product specifications, and availability across various retailers, simplifying the buying process. This empowerment grants buyers greater control and confidence in their ammunition choices.

Supporting Ammo Retailers

Recognizing the importance of promoting a strong retail industry , Lalit designed Bulk Cheap Ammo to be equally beneficial for retailers. By providing them with a dedicated space to showcase their products and reach a broader audience, the platform increases healthy competition and amplifies their visibility in the market.

Lisa Earnest

Lisa Earnest Content Editor

Lisa Earnest has been a part of the Bulk Cheap Ammo team since 2018 and serves as the editor of Bulk Cheap Ammo content.

With a flair for language and an unwavering dedication to shooting sports, Lisa's diverse expertise combines to create an unforgettable experience for our audience.

As Bulk Cheap Ammo's Content Editor, Lisa infuses her passion for shooting into every piece of content she crafts. Whether it's reviewing firearms, offering shooting tips, or exploring the latest trends in the shooting world, her genuine enthusiasm shines through, inspiring readers to explore their own shooting journeys.

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