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Mailing Address: 3060 SE Grimes Blvd #600, Grimes, IA 50111, United States
Post Code: 50111

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Staccato 9mm Match, 125gr HAP, 1000rd Case

BattleHawk Armory Reviews (2)

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Cedric White

Great prices

Great prices and very reasonable shipping.

William Lyon

Good deals,

This was my 1st purchase from Battle Hawk. Good deals, easy to use website, nothing bad I can think of.

Discover BattleHawk Armory: Ammunition and Guns Accessories.

BattleHawk Armory Products Listing: Explore a wide range of ammunition, optics, gear supplies, and accessories.

Finding best sellers who offer high-quality products can be difficult when looking for firearm accessories online. However, well-known retailers specialize in firearm accessories. You can explore various options and make an informed decision by considering certain factors.

Here At Bulk Cheap Ammo, you can find all the latest stock status with updated ammo prices from BattleHawk Armory.

You can use the filter to see different ammo types according to your need for instant & quick results.

BattleHawk Armory

BattleHawk Armory is a prominent and well-established name in the industry regarding reliable ammunition sellers. With many years of experience in the manufacturing sector, they have proven their expertise and commitment to excellence.

They understand the importance of reliable ammunition without room for error. They possess the necessary knowledge, advanced equipment, and extensive experience to produce accurate and dependable ammunition. Their wide range of ammunition offerings has garnered the trust of customers who seek top-notch products. At BattleHawk Armory, you can expect high-quality ammunition that meets your expectations for reliability and performance.

BattleHawk Armory is committed to building guns that will last a lifetime in America. With a great selection and reasonable prices, it is one of the best places to meet your firearms needs. They provide excellent customer support and have garnered 6.1k Facebook likes and 6.6k followers.

Product They Offer

The best accessory you can buy for your firearm is more ammo. Ammo has become more expensive and scarce due to supply chain issues and inflation. They always keep plenty of high-quality centerfire and rimfire ammunition in stock in various popular calibers for hunters, law enforcement, and the average gun owner.

They have the necessary ammunition, whether you're stoking a target rifle, a hunting shotgun, or a home defense handgun. Listed 9mm ammo for sale, Bulk 556 Ammo, 6.5 creedmmor, Best 223 rifle ammo, and many others. They carry ammo from the best manufacturers, including Black Hills, Cor-Bon, Federal, Remington, Speer, and Winchester. Shop BattleHawk Armory for the best selection and best prices on ammo.


  • Image Free shipping and returns.
  • Image Rewards Program.
  • Image Military and health worker discounts.

Cons of .22LR Subsonic Ammunition

  • Image Ammo can not be shipped to all states.
  • Image Some items restricted by law.

BattleHawk Armory Support

If you purchased a firearm from BattleHawk and have any FLL questions or changes or need to know if you received FFL or anything else related, please email, and they will reply within 48 business hours. Their support department needs access to or facilitates FFLs- they do not have or offer phone support to keep operations running efficiently.

Check Out These Common Questions And Answers!

When Will An Exact Item Be In Stock?

They always try to source items; they have no ETA on anything. Please find the out-of-stock listing, add it to your wishlist, and you will be notified when it is back in stock. They do not accept backorders, as prices cannot be guaranteed.

Is the Item In Stock?

They are working very hard to maintain website inventory accuracy; if you see in stock below the price or it says in stock, it is clearly in stock and ready for online order.

Ffl Received?

They go through the FFL inbox as soon as possible; if they do not find it, they will send another email and call you to receive the FFL as time permits. All FFL correspondence and selection must be sent to

How Much Is Tax/Shipping?

Due to economic Nexus requirements, they may or may not have to collect sales tax in your state. Shipping is estimated per warehouse or item charge.

To preview shipping and tax in the checkout, enter your full address and click on the next step in the checkout process.

Do They Have a Mil/Le Discount?

While they greatly value their first responders and military, they try to offer all customers the same great prices, and they do not presently have a one-dimension-fits-all MIL/LE discount due to changing margins. They do have in-store schedules such as Glock- Blue Label, Shadow Systems- Patriot & Protector, and Smith & Wesson Guardians, but these promotions cannot be serviced online; they are in-store-only discounts. Thank you for all that you do!

Do They Offer Layaway?

They currently require all orders to be paid in full and do not offer layaway; they integrate with Credova financing and may or may not have some interest-free offers.

I Wish To Cancel Or Add On To The Order

Typically, after placing the order, they immediately process it to ensure quick shipping and lock down inventory. In most cases, they cannot cancel, edit, or add to orders as they are already processed and pushed to the warehouse for shipping. If they can get an order canceled, please note that per agreed-upon terms at checkout, they charge a 10% ORDER CANCELLATION FEE.

Current Shipping Times?

Their shipping times are within seven business days, although most orders ship within 2-3 business days.

Do You Have Any Promo Codes?

As a low-priced online retailer, they charge exact shipping expenses and have varying and typically very slim margins. they usually do not offer promo codes, but you can always check on their promotion page here:

Shipping Restrictions

They DO NOT SHIP AMMO to California, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Hawaii, the District of Columbia, Alaska, or Illinois.

Contact Us

Contact: (515) 528-2910
Address: 3060 Se Grimes Blvd
Suite 600
Grimes, Iowa 50111
Store Hours: Monday - Friday 10 Am-5 Pm
Closed Weekends And

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