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One-stop website to find in-stock ammunition, guns, magazines, and reloading components.
Important: Due to high order volume, shipping delays, backorders with some retailers.   Retailer's prices, stock status can change at any time.  As you browse website stock may go out of stock or price may change on the retailer website.
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Advertise your ammo with us.

Showcase your products with us. We do accept product listing for Ammunition, Reloading, and Magazines.


We started to work on this website in October 2018. The idea behind the project was to make an ammo search engine, where users can easily find the ammo, and retailers can showcase their products easily.

After a year of hard work, now we are one of the leading ammo directories. During this time, we listed a few retailers on our website and we are happy to share, our website did well for the retailers. Our website receives 8,000 to 10,000 hits a day. And we send all these customers to the retailer's website. Please see our stats from Google Analaytics.

How do we collect product information from your website?

Based on your company's reputation, we are happy to list your products on our website. We do accept XML or JSON format to take data from your website. Here you can find the XML standard as per our website requirement. Click here for documentation.

If you are currently not able to provide us with the XML in our standard. No problem, we can also accept the XML or JSON file, which you might be submitting to other ammo directories. (100% import not guaranteed).

We do custom code to process your product data as much as close possible. We strongly recommend having XML in our standard, which helps us to make sure that we can list all of your products.

What are the fees to become a registered retailer on the website

We are working on this website from October 2018 and there is a team of seven members behind the wheels. To maintain the website and keep it fast and safe to our customers, we need money to invest and pay the development costs. To do, that we charge money to the registered retailers on the website.

There are 2 types of billing.

Option 1: To get listed on our website, there is a fixed cost per month. We do track how many clicks we sent to a registered retailer. This option does suits for small retailers and new startups. Please email us for the pricing.

Option 2: The other option, where we are sending referral clicks more than 5,000 clicks a month. We do ask to share Google Analytics access with us or in case google analytics can not be shared, we do bill the retailer based on the Google Analytics report, which is sent by the retailer to us.

We do charge 1% of the total sales.

There is no listing charges and no advertising charges for the retailers in this plan.

If you are interested in getting your products listed on our website? Please email us at admin@bulkcheapammo.com

Is XML ready in the required format? Test the XML feed. Please click here. Feed Tester

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