Hornady’s New Ammo Release For 2024 - A Special New Year Gift.

Hornady is ready to celebrate its 75th anniversary with some new selection of products.

Company announced a selection of some new products for 2024.

These products will be showcased at SHOT Show in January, and should reach vendors early in 2024.

Hornady’s New Ammo Release For 2024

They announced the list of products that includes some new ammunition, several expanded ammunition lines, and various accessories.

Let's get into the details about these products.


V-Match Raise your shooting experience with Hornady® V-Match™ ammunition. These bullets will be a great choice for taking aim in competition or outwitting varmints.

These bullets provide ultra-flat trajectories and rapid expansion, because of its features of state-of-the-art ELD-VT™ bullets. It's helpful for high velocity retention, minimal wind deflection and a reduced weight-to-length ratio.

Product Features

  • ELD-VT™ Bullet
  • Designed with highest quality components that are meticulously loaded to exacting specifications, resulting in match-grade accuracy.
  • Modern, clean burning propellants

Product Line

Cartridge Item # Bullet Type Application Weight
22 ARC 81542 ELD-VT™ Varmint/Target 62 gr
6mm ARC 81603 ELD-VT™ Varmint/Target 80 gr
6.5 Grendel 81521 ELD-VT™ Varmint/Target 100 gr
6.5 Creedmoor 81504 ELD-VT™ Varmint/Target 100 gr
6mm Creedmoor 81397 ELD-VT™ Varmint/Target 80 gr


ELD-VT™ The Hornady ELD-VT™ bullet will redefine your hunting from long-range varmint hunts to long-range competitions.

These ELD-VT™ pair the aerodynamics of a low-drag match bullet with the light weight and high velocity of a varmint bullet.

With its unmatched accuracy and explosive fragmentation, ELD-VT™ picks up trophies as fast as it drops varmints!

Product Features

  • Comes with heat shield® technology
  • Designed with AMP® bullet jackets
  • Rapid and dramatic fragmentation, even at low velocity.
  • Precision performance
  • Long, sleek, match bullet profile with reduced core-to-bullet length ratio

Product Line

Cartridge Item # Bullet Type Application Weight
22 Cal. .224 22762 ELD-VT™ Varmint/Target 62 gr
6mm .243 24372 ELD-VT™ Varmint/Target 80 gr
6.5mm .264 26103 ELD-VT™ Varmint/Target 100 gr
30 Cal. .308 30620 ELD-VT™ Varmint/Target 174 gr

22 ARC

22 ARC The 22 ARCor 22 (Advanced Rifle Cartridge) will give you exceptional power and performance. Will great fits into your AR-15.

The 22 ARC was made to work well with modern, high-performance bullets. By designing the cartridge and chamber together, it ensures accuracy, consistent speed, and a great shooting experience.

Product Features

  • Perfect fit, flawless functionality
  • Overall length of 2.260"
  • Unparalleled accuracy with a 1:7” twist rate
  • Careful and meticulous design

Product Line

Cartridge Item # Bullet Type Application Weight
22 ARC 81542 ELD-VT™ Varmint < 50 lbs/Target 62 gr
22 ARC 81543 ELD-VT™ Varmint < 50 lbs/Target 88 gr
22 ARC 81541 ELD-VT™ Varmint < 50 lbs/Target 75 gr

5.7x28mm Cartridge

5.7x28mm Cartridge The new 5.7x28mm features a 40 gr. FTX bullet in Critical Defense and a 40 gr. V-MAX in Hornady BLACK.

Hornady BLACK® ammunition features versatile loads optimized for excellent performance from America’s favorite guns.

On the other hand Critical Defense® ammunition is loaded in nickel-plated cases for increased visibility in low-light situations.

Product Features

Hornady BLACK®

  • High-Quality Cases, Primers Propellant
  • Versatile Hornady bullet options
  • Optimized performance from various platforms

Critical Defense

  • FTX® bullet technology
  • Provide the best performance for defensive or personal protection situations
  • Dependable in every situation

Product Line

Cartridge Item # Bullet Type Application Weight
5.7 X 28mm (Critical Defense) 90000 FTX® Personal Defense 40 gr
5.7 X 28mm (Hornady BLACK®) 90001 V-MAX® Personal Defense 40 gr

Other Products By Hornady

  • Mobilis™ Safes
  • Hit™ Target Impact Indicator
  • Click-Adjust Bullet Seating Micrometer
  • Welded gun cabinets
  • Red flannel shirt

Final Words

So, Hornady is giving the best new year present to their customers.

You will find these new ammunition, bullets, reloading tools, and security products will be available from stocking dealers, retail stores and their websites.

Dealers can be found by visiting the Retail Locator on hornady.com.

More updates about the products pricing will be released as it will be available on retailers websites.

Check hornady 9mm ammunition products line here.

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