New Feature: Shipping Score Update : How This Feature Can Be Useful For You?

As an ammo search directory , we always want to save your time & money while buying ammo.

That's why Bulk Cheap Ammo is happy to announce a new feature “Shipping Score Update” for our customers.

This feature will save your 50% time that you spend to find the lowest shipping or price without compromising the product quality.

The shipping score that we are assigning for retailers are based on various factors like ; retailers shipping cost, shipping delivery time, product quality & customer services or reviews.

How Does It Work?

For Customers

Shipping Calculation Method As an ammo search directory, we don’t know retailers shipping calculation method.

So we decided to give a rating to every retailer from 0-10 as per their shipping cost, shipping time, product quality & customer services.

  • Higher the numbers = Lower the shipping cost & best services
  • Lowers numbers = High shipping cost with average services
  • F= Free Shipping
  • CF= Conditional Free Shipping

This will be helpful for buyers to decide at first look from which retailer you can buy as per their shipping & services.

Estimate Shipping CostIf you want to check the total cost after adding shipping , you can check our “estimated shipping cost” button.

These features can be helpful to save your time & money to find the lowest priced ammo fast.

For Retailers:

Shipping Score Update

For retailers, we are giving numbers from 0 to 10, as per their shipping cost, shipping time, product quality & customer services.

We are not assigning numbers manually, Our algorithm continuously monitors retailer performance and adjusts ratings accordingly.

If a retailer will decrease or increase their shipping cost or other services, rating will increase & decrease accordingly once in a month.

How Will This Feature Be Useful For You?

  • Time and Cost Savings: Our estimated shipping calculation feature eliminates the need for manual calculations, saving buyers both time and money.
  • Transparency and Confidence: Higher ratings signify lower shipping costs and superior services, empowering buyers to make informed decisions quickly.
  • Convenience: The "estimated shipping cost" button provides total cost visibility with a single click, streamlining the buying process.
  • Fast and Easy Comparison: Ratings allow for effortless comparison shopping across multiple retailers, facilitating informed decision-making.

For Retailers:

Competitive Advantage: Higher ratings attract buyers, providing a competitive edge for retailers with low shipping costs and excellent service.

Disclaimer: These shipping numbers are estimated only. We develop this feature to help buyers to get a quick idea about the retailer's shipping cost, shipping time, product quality & customer services.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel contact us at :

Lisa Earnest

Lisa Earnest

Apr, 12, 2024

Lisa Earnest has been a part of the Bulk Cheap Ammo team since 2018 and serves as the editor of Bulk Cheap Ammo content.

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