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Target Sports USA : AMMO+ DAY Event On September 19.

Target Sports USA, popular online destination for ammunition and shooting supplies, announced the AMMO+ Day on September 19th.

Target Sports USA

Every year Target Sports USA celebrates this event for their loyal members by offering exclusive discounts on September 19 with a day of Ammo Deals.

Don’t miss a chance to win a brand-new Ford F-150 truck worth $53,000, the ultimate symbol of American versatility and adventure.

Double Your Savings On Popular Ammo!

On AMMO+ Day, all Ammo+ members will experience double the savings, with a whopping 16% discount on selected in-demand ammunition.

This incredible offer doubles the standard 8% savings typically enjoyed by Ammo+ members. It's the perfect opportunity for shooting sports enthusiasts to stock up on their favorite ammunition brands, calibers, and loads while enjoying substantial discounts.

How to Join the Celebration:

  • Become an AMMO+ Member: To access these fantastic savings and the chance to win the Ford F-150, you must be an AMMO+ member. If you're not already a member, sign up now to ensure you're ready to make the most of this year's best prices.
  • Shop and Save: Log in to your Ammo+ account on September 19th to unlock the exclusive 16% discount. Shop your favorite ammo & enjoy the doubled savings on AMMO+ Day.
  • Stay tuned for the announcement of the Ford F-150 giveaway finalists on September 25th. You could be the lucky winner!

Advantages of Becoming PRIME MEMBER

  • Free Shipping
  • 8% discount on ammo
  • Priority alerts
  • The average Prime member yearly savings is $390.00.
Prime Member

Don’t Miss Ford F-150 Giveaway

Join a Giveaway till 9/25/23 to win a Ford F-150. NO PURCHASE OR MEMBERSHIP required to enter & win.

Four winners are to be awarded prizes valued up to $89,062. Check The AMMO+Day Truck Giveaway rules & prize package information here.

AMMO+Day Ford F-150 Giveaway
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Lisa Earnest

Sep, 18, 2023

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