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.320 Short Ammo

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No need to look further for different websites to find best ammo deals. We have some best rates available to be compared.  Find all trusted ammo vendors prices in one place just in one click..320 Short Ammo, also known as the .320 European or .320 Bulldog, this revolver cartridge was designed for the Webley BullDog pocket revolver in the 1870s and similar revolvers made in Belgium that followed.

The round was manufactured until the 1920s and was briefly made by Fiocchi in 2015.

In Brazil, both guns and ammo was made up to 1960s. Amadeo Rossi made his Model 8 "Garrucha" in .320 from 1950 to 1962.

The .32 Short Colt was based on the .320 but had a different sized rim. On some guns the .32 Short Colt will actually fit and cycle properly.

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