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460 Rowland Ammo For Sale - Wide Selection With Best Prices

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.460 Rowland

In Stock .460 Rowland Ammo For Sale- Trusted Ammo Vendors

The .460 Rowland is a proprietary cartridge that attains real .44 Magnum level velocities when fired from some popular.

The cartridge was designed and developed by Mr. Johnny Ray Rowland, host of "The Shooting Show." After first establishing the new cartridge, Mr. Rowland worked with Starline Brass to finalize commercial production of the brass and later with Clark Custom Guns to develop the first commercially available .460 Rowland Conversions for specific versions of the M1911.

For several years Dan Wesson also made a revolver specifically made for the .460 Rowland, which would also chamber .45 ACP, .45 Super, and .45 Winchester Magnum, as does the Smith & Wesson Model 25/625.

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