Bulk Cheap Ammo Retailer Program

The Bulk Cheap Ammo Retailer program works with online ammo retailers. Ammo retailers who have an online store and wish to have their ammunition listed with us. We have estimated 3-4 million unique visitors per year searching for ammunition.

If you are an online ammunition retailer and wish to sign up with us, please review the information below.

Program Details:

  • Program applicants must provide us with a data feed. This data feed only needs in-stock products. We can consume Json & XML feed. In some cases, we can also try to fetch the data if possible. We also accept magazines and reloading supplies (bullets, brass, primers, powder, reloading_misc). This feed needs to be updated in real time. Click Here for xml format.
  • You must agree to list all products of a particular type. For example, if you choose to list ammunition with us, it must list all the ammo they have for sale with us, not only a subset.

We ask that a small "seal" be placed on the retailer's top-level page in a position of their choosing that links back to https://BulkCheapAmmo.com .

And here is the code to be used to display it:

<a href="https://www.bulkcheapammo.com/">
 <img src="https://www.cdn.bulkcheapammo.com/assets/images/bulkcheapammo-logo.webp" border="0" alt="Bulk Cheap Ammo.com" /></a>

If the above image do not fit with the style of your site, please email us at admin@bulkcheapmmo.com

We do not charge any setup fees, being listed in our search engine will incur monthly listing fees. The monthly rate will depend on the traffic volume our website sends to the retailer. If you sign up with affiliate manager such as AvantLink.com, SkimLinks, etc.,

They will record all clicks/sales information. We typically receive a 5% commission on each sale through the program.

Billing starts from the day a retailer starts the subscription and auto recurring charges happen on the same day every month.


Data feed is simply a text file or an xml file. It should reside on a web server where we can access it at any time. For example: http://yourdomain.com/xmlfeed.php (for live feeds)

Sample xml file. Click here. https://www.bulkcheapammo.com/xml/xml-standard.xml

<productlist retailer="yoursiteURL.com">

  <product type="handgun">



  <caliber>38 Special</caliber>




  <bullet_type>Flex Tip Expanding</bullet_type>






  <qty_available> 39 </qty_available>





If you have more questions to get listed with us, please email us admin@bulkcheapmmo.com

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