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The .351 Winchester Self-Loading (also called .351 SL or .351 WSL) is an American rifle cartridge. Winchester introduced the .351WSL in the Winchester Model 1907 self-loading rifle as a replacement for the Winchester Model 1905 and the .35WSL.

The .351 SL proved popular with police and security forces as the only chambering available in the model 1907 and was used by France in both world wars. The .351WSL cartridge used an unusual bullet diameter of .351 vs. the .357 or .358 more commonly used in .35-caliber rifle cartridges.

The .351 WSL cartridge used an unusual bullet diameter of .351 vs the .357 or .358 more commonly used in .35-caliber rifle cartridges. The .351 SL for being inadequate as a deer round, and while the round's power has sometimes been compared to a .357 Magnum carbine load, the .351 SL's killing power falls somewhere between the .30-30 and the .35 Remington.

About: .351 WSL

  • Type: Rifle
  • Place of origin: United States
  • Used by: France, United Kingdom, Russia, United States
  • Designer: Winchester Repeating Arms Company
  • Designed: 1906


  • Bullet diameter: 0.352 in (8.9 mm)
  • Neck diameter: 0.373 in (9.5 mm)
  • Shoulder diameter: straight
  • Base diameter: 0.377 in (9.6 mm)
  • Rim diameter: 0.407 in (10.3 mm)
  • Rim thickness: 0.05 in (1.3 mm)
  • Case length: 1.375 in (34.9 mm)
  • Overall length: 1.906 in (48.4 mm)
  • Rifling twist: 1 in 16
  • Primer type: Small rifle
  • Maximum pressure: 37,000 to 39,000 PSI

Ballistic performance

Bullet mass/type Velocity Energy
180 gr (12 g) 1,870 ft/s (570 m/s) 1,400 t⋅lbf (1,900 J)

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