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In Stock .358 NORMA MAG Ammo For Sale From Top Ammo Vendors

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This cartridge was developed by Nils Kvale of Norma early in the 1950s. But already 35 years before that the nearly identical .35 Newton came on the market. Unfortunately factory rifles were only made for this round by Husquarna of Sweden and Schultz & Larsen of Denmark. Had Norma been able to persuade any of the larger American rifle manufacturers to make rifles for this round when it was developed it would undoubtedly have taken the place of the .338 Winchester as the two cartridges are suited for exactly the same range of games and types of hunting.

They both use the same case but due to the ratio between the bullet diameter and the case capacity the .358 can utilize slightly faster burning powder a little better and get even more power out of the limited space available.

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