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375 CHEYTAC chambered gun, shooting 24.30 gram Lost River Ballistic Technologies bullets muzzle velocity, the supersonic range would be 2230 m under International Standard Atmosphere sea level conditions rt5.

The .375 Viking bullet had an overall length of 70 mm (2.756 in) and derived its anticipated low drag from a radical LD Haack or Sears-Haack profile in the bullet's nose area. Rifles chambered for this wildcat cartridge, with a cartridge overall length of 119 mm (4.685 in), were to have been equipped with custom made 762 mm (30 in) long 203 mm (1:8 in) twist rate barrels.

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HSM 375 CheyTac Ammunition HSM-375CT-4-N 350 Grain Hollow Point Boat Tail 10 Rounds - Free Shipping with Buyer's Club!

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10 Rounds
$5.40 cost per round

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