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The .375 SOCOM is a fairly new cartridge, designed by Tromix in 2013. Taking a .458 SOCOM cartridge case and sizing the neck down to .375 caliber, resulted in a hard hitting AR-15 compatible cartridge, that has a considerable velocity and range advantage over the .458 SOCOM as well as other big bore AR-15 cartridges.

375 SOCOM has a sizeable case capacity, nearly 60 grains, that is on par with the .308 Winchester. Typical .375 SOCOM loads will launch a 200 grain bullet 2400 feet per second from a 20" barrel. In a short barrel suppressed subsonic application, the .375 SOCOM can be made to easily cycle the AR-15 action.

.375 SOCOM ammunition is currently available from MidwayUSA, SBR Ammunition, Black Butterfly, and Strike Force Ammunition. .375 SOCOM head stamped brass is available from SBR Ammunition and reloading dies are available from Tromix.

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