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.375 Whisper ammo was designed in the early 1990s under the guidance of J. D. Jones of SSK industries. According to SSK, "a Whisper cartridge must be capable of subsonic extreme accuracy with very heavy bullets for its caliber as well as moderate to high velocity while maintaining excellent accuracy with light bullets for the caliber.

While all cartridges in the Whisper family must be capable of accuracy using subsonic loads, most of the smaller caliber cartridges of the family (.308" and under) are also capable of being loaded to supersonic velocities using relatively lightweight bullets for their caliber, increasing their utility.

A subsonic cartridge is designed to fire its bullets at velocities slower than the speed of sound to avoid the sonic crack caused by the bullet breaking the sound barrier. This allows the cartridge to be sound suppressed relatively easily. Additionally, in some cases, subsonic loads are often intended to avoid the turbulent transonic zone entirely, maximizing potential accuracy.

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