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7.35x51mm Carcano Ammo For Sale At Cheap Price










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Updated: 7m ago

.7.35X51mm Carcano Ammo

Find .7.35X51mm Carcano Ammo From Various Ammo Retailers

The 7.35×51mm Carcano is an Italian rifle cartridge and a now obsolete caliber designed to replace the 6.5×52mm Carcano in the Carcano rifles of the Italian military. The 7.35 used Spitzer-style projectile to minimize the air resistance in flight.

After reports of inadequate performance of the 6.5×52mm Carcano Mannlicher–Carcano at both short and long ranges during the campaigns in Italian North Africa (1924-1934), and the Second Italo-Abyssinian War (1935/36), the Italian army introduced a new short rifle in 1938, the Modello 1938, together with a new cartridge in 7.35x51mm caliber.

About: 7.35x51mm Carcano

  • Type: Rifle
  • Place of origin: Kingdom of Italy
  • Used by: Italy, Finland, Nazi Germany
  • Wars: World War II, others


  • Parent case: 6.5 mm Carcano
  • Case type: Rimless bottleneck
  • Bullet diameter: 7.57 mm (0.298 in)
  • Neck diameter: 8.32 mm (0.328 in)
  • Shoulder diameter: 10.85 mm (0.427 in)
  • Base diameter: 11.40 mm (0.449 in)
  • Rim diameter: 11.40 mm (0.449 in)
  • Case length: 51.50 mm (2.028 in)
  • Overall length: 73.70 mm (2.902 in)
  • Case capacity: 3.26 cm3 (50.3 gr H2O)
  • Maximum pressure: 350 MPa (51,000 psi)

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