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8mm Rem Mag Ammo

8mm Rem Mag Ammo For Sale From Various Retailers

The 8mm Remington Magnum belted Remington Arms Company introduced rifle cartridge in 1978 as a new chambering for the model 700 BDL rifle.

The 8mm Remington Magnum parent case is the .375 H&H Magnum. It is a very long and powerful cartridge that cannot be used in standard length actions, such as those that accommodate the .30-06 Springfield.

The 8mm Remington Magnum was intended to compete with the .300 Weatherby Magnum and .338 Winchester Magnum. Remington's decision to use a metric bullet may have been prompted by their past success with the 7 mm bore diameter.

About: 8mm Rem Mag

  • Type: Rifle
  • Place of origin: United States
  • In service: Never issued
  • Designer: Remington Arms Company
  • Designed: 1978
  • Manufacturer: Remington
  • Produced: 1978-Present


  • Parent case: .375 H&H Magnum
  • Case type: Belted
  • Bullet diameter: .323 in (8.2 mm)
  • Neck diameter: .355 in (9.0 mm)
  • Shoulder diameter: .487 in (12.4 mm)
  • Base diameter: .513 in (13.0 mm)
  • Rim diameter: .532 in (13.5 mm)
  • Rim thickness: .050 in (1.3 mm)
  • Case length: 2.850 in (72.4 mm)
  • Overall length: 3.600 in (91.4 mm)
  • Case capacity: 99.0 gr H2O (6.42 cm3)
  • Rifling twist: 1 in 10 (1 in 254 mm)
  • Primer type: Large Rifle
  • Maximum pressure (C.I.P.): 63,817 psi (440.00 MPa)
  • Maximum pressure (SAAMI): 65,000.0 psi (448.159 MPa)

Ballistic performance

Bullet mass/type Velocity Energy
200 gr (13 g) Partition type 2,900 ft/s (880 m/s) 3,734 ft⋅lbf (5,063 J)
200 gr (13 g) Bonded 3,050 ft/s (930 m/s) 4,132 ft⋅lbf (5,602 J)
180 gr (12 g) Protected point 3,210 ft/s (980 m/s) 4,119 ft⋅lbf (5,585 J)
200 gr (13 g) Partition type 3,315 ft/s (1,010 m/s) 4,394 ft⋅lbf (5,957 J)
220 gr (14 g) Soft Point 2,965 ft/s (904 m/s) 4,296 ft⋅lbf (5,825 J)

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Even though the 8mm Remington Magnum has never been very popular, it is a very suitable cartridge for the hunting of elk, moose, caribou, and giant African antelope.

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