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Latest products for 9.3x74r

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  • Brownells Inc Nosler, Inc. 9.3x74r Brass Case for $57.99
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  • Natchez Shooters Supplies Barnes Banded Solid Bullets 9.3mm .366" 286 gr BND SLD RN 50/ct for $49.99
  • Foundry Outdoors PPU PP9374 Metric Rifle 9.3mmx74R 285 GR Soft Point 20 Bx/ 10 Cs for $27.82
  • Powder Valley inc Prvi 9.3X74R 285 Grain Soft Point Ammunition (20 Rounds) for $34.30
  • Impact Guns PPU Metric Rifle 9.3mmX74R 285gr, Soft Point, 20rd Box for $38.09
  • Palmetto State Armory Prvi Partizan Metric Rifle Ammunition 285 gr SP 9.3x74mmR Ammo, 20/box - PP9374 for $39.99
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  • Target Sports USA Norma Ammunition for $609.90
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  • Brownells Inc Lapua Mega Ammo 9.3mmx74r 285gr Soft Point for $38.99
  • Natchez Shooters Supplies Hornady Dangerous Game Series Rifle Ammunition 9.3x74R 286 gr SP-RP 2360 fps - 20/box for $90.99
  • Brownells Inc Hornady 9.3mmx74r 286gr Interlock Sp-Rp 20/Bx for $57.99
  • Brownells Inc Lapua Naturalis Ammo 9.3mmx74r 270gr Lead-Free Polymer Tip for $42.99
  • Natchez Shooters Supplies Federal Premium Cape-Shok Rifle Ammunition 9.3x74R 286 gr SAF 2360 fps 20/box 9.3x74R 286 gr SAF 2360 fps - 20/box for $109.49
  • Impact Guns Hornady Dangerous Game 9.3mmX74R 286gr, DGS 20 Bx, Soft Round Point for $95.89
  • Impact Guns Federal Cape-Shok 9.3X74R 286gr, Woodleigh Hydro, 20rd Box for $132.89
  • Foundry Outdoors Federal P9374WH Cape-Shok 9.3X74R 286 Woodleigh Hydro Solid 286 GR 20Box/10Case for $141.62

9.3x74R Ammo

Find 9.3x74R Ammo For Sale From Top Ammo Vendors

9.3×74mmR (designated as the 9,3 x 74 R by the C.I.P.)is a medium-bore cartridge invented in Germany around 1900.

The 9.3×74mmR is of a rimmed, bottleneck design and uses a .366-inch (9.3 mm) diameter bullet, usually weighing 286-grain (18.5 g). According to Hornady, at this weight the velocity is 2,362.20 ft/s (720.00 m/s) and energy is 3,536 ft-lbf (4,794 J).

The cartridge is also a very popular chambering for double rifles in both side-by-side and over-and-under barrel configurations.

About: 9.3x74R

  • Type: Big Game Cartridge
  • Place of origin: Germany
  • Designed: Circa 1900


  • Case type: Rimmed, Bottleneck
  • Bullet diameter: 9.30 mm (0.366 in)
  • Neck diameter: 9.92 mm (0.391 in)
  • Shoulder diameter: 10.40 mm (0.409 in)
  • Base diameter: 11.90 mm (0.469 in)
  • Rim diameter: 13.35 mm (0.526 in)
  • Rim thickness: 1.40 mm (0.055 in)
  • Case length: 74.70 mm (2.941 in)
  • Overall length: 94.50 mm (3.720 in)
  • Case capacity: 5.39 cm3 (83.2 gr H2O)
  • Rifling twist: 360 mm (1-14.2")
  • Primer type: Large rifle
  • Maximum pressure (C.I.P.): 340.00 MPa (49,313 psi)

Ballistic performance

Bullet mass/type Velocity Energy
230 gr (15 g) Norma Ecostrike 2,559 ft/s (780 m/s) 3,345 ft⋅lbf (4,535 J)
247 gr (16 g) KS 2,460 ft/s (750 m/s) 3,319 ft⋅lbf (4,500 J)
285 gr (18 g) Norma Oryx 2,329 ft/s (710 m/s) 3,434 ft⋅lbf (4,656 J)

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