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9mm Flobert Ammo For Sale - Check Latest Sale Prices









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9MM Flobert Ammo

Find 9mm Flobert Ammo For Sale- From Top Ammo Vendors

9mm Flobert is a rimfire cartridge, designed for firing the shot. The 9mm Flobert is designed to fire a very light and very easy to control shotshell. The 9mm Flobert is designed to be capable of being used by anyone.

The 9mm Flobert is unique and capable of ridding gardens and yards of vermin, pests, and snakes. The 9mm Flobert cartridge is handy since it leaves little to no damage to the yard due to the small amount of shotgun contained within it.

The 9mm Flobert cartridge can also fire a small ball but is primarily loaded with a small amount of shot. Its power and range are minimal, making it suitable only for pest control. Fiocchi-made 9 mm Flobert rimfire ammunition uses a 1.75" brass shotshell firing 1/4 oz shot of #8 shot with a velocity of 600 fps.

Whether you are looking 9mm Flobert Ammo for target shooting or personal shooting, we have it all in one place from various ammo retailers you are looking for.

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