Fraud Ammo Websites: Don’t Buy With Zelle, Venmo, Or Bitcoin

2024, There are Thousands Of Fraud Ammo Websites Online. How To Know If A Website Is A Fraud Or Real.

I am Lisa, the content editor at Bulk Cheap Ammo.

Today we just want to share a small topic to protect our customers from the ammo sale fraud increasing day by day.

Nowadays, in the ammo industry too many fraud websites or sellers are increasing day by day.

Unfortunately these websites are ranking on Google, that makes it worse. That's the main reason more people are getting trapped within these frauds.

Here is an example :

HM Defenses

Below we are going to share some tips on how to identify these fraud websites, especially for new buyers.

  • Website Have No Credit Card Payment Option
  • Payment Option Zelle, Venmo. RUN AWAY
  • Bitcoin Payment Option, Be Extra Careful as high chances of fraud
  • Websites offering live chat even during normal hours. Don’t get in the trap of trust that you are chatting with a person and you got the best offer.
  • Hard to beat prices. If you see prices that are too low and you see the above signs. That is a sign of fraud.

How Bulk Cheap Ammo Works?

We are getting many emails & reviews about the delayed order status that are purchased from “Bulk Cheap Ammo”.

There are many fraud websites that are using our logo & name. Like; bulkcheapammoforsale.Com

People are buying from these fake websites. While they are not receiving their orders, they are sending emails to us. Here is the screenshots:

Fraud Ammo Websites

So, we want to be clear about how Bulk Cheap Ammo works.

As we have mentioned this already on our home page “We don’t sell ammo” Bulk Cheap Ammo is an online ammo directory, like AmmoSeek.

We only show the list of in-stock products from the trusted retailers listed with us. We only register the trusted retailers.

We don’t have any Add To Cart & Shop Now options on our website, so there is no chance to place an order from our website.

Please don’t get confused with the name & logo. Check properly before making any payments.

Other Popular Ammo Retailers & Brands Getting Scammed By Same Name

Bulk Cheap Ammo is not the only website that has same name fraud websites.

There are other popular retailers & brand names that scammers are using to do fraud.

Here is some examples: This is a fraud website using the popular retailer name: Lucky Gunner”.

But this fraud website is using “ZELLE payment option options & credit card option is not active.

Lucky Ammo Store

Here are some other examples

  • Primaryarmshop
  • Glockpistolz
  • grendelammo

These sites should not be confused with legitimate websites of,

There are hundreds of other fraud websites. You can check the list here & can report a scam website here:

Please check the website name & payment methods properly before making any payment to buy ammo online.

How To Identify Fraud Websites Or Sellers?

Now the most important thing for our customers especially for new buyers “how you can identify the fraud website or seller?

Payment Methods

HM Defenses

One of the quick signals you will get from a fraud website is their payment methods. Fraud websites or sellers will only accept payment by Zelle, Venmo, Cash App, or Bitcoin.

So, buyers please never make an online payment with these methods.

Real ammo retailers always offer credit card payment options.

So Always make payments with credit cards & other trusted resources.

Extremely Low Prices

Fraud sellers attract buyers by showing very low prices. Don’t get trapped with huge discounts & very low prices. Verify price from trusted retailers before making any purchase.

24 Hours Live Chat Support

24 Hours live chat support also indicates fraud. In live chat , they will force you to make purchases & payments. So, make sure to avoid these types of live support systems to make any payments.

These are some important points to identify the fraud websites.

Don’t spend your money online in a hurry. Check properly before making any payment.

Where To Buy Ammo Online?

Now, when you know that there are too many fraud websites & sellers, where to buy ammo online?

  • Always buy from trusted sellers. There are many trusted sellers who have been serving the industry for decades like
  • Sportsman's Guide, Palmetto State Armory, Outdoor Limited and many more.
  • Use some trusted ammo directories like; AmmoSeek, Bulk Cheap Ammo, Ammo Buy, Wiki Arms to find best & trusted ammo sellers.
  • If you are going to buy from a new retailer, make sure to check the payment methods, reviews & address properly.

Final Words

Don’t make any payment with Zelle, Venmo, Or Bitcoin. Always use a credit card to make payments.

Bulk Cheap Ammo does not have any ammo stock and we do not sell any ammo. There are many fake websites with our brand name & logo.

Lisa Earnest

Lisa Earnest

Feb, 01, 2024

Lisa Earnest has been a part of the Bulk Cheap Ammo team since 2018 and serves as the editor of Bulk Cheap Ammo content.

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