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What is bulk ammo?

Bulk ammo is when you buy ammo in a box, and you get lower per round cost. Bulk ammo can be in the case and box packaging. People do also use the search term bulkammo.

  • Case of 1,000 rounds.
  • Case of 2,000 rounds.
  • Case of 3,000 rounds.
  • Case of 5,000 rounds or more.

How many boxes of ammo are in a case?

  • Standard box of ammunition is 50 rounds.
  • ammunition comes in boxes from 10 to 250 in specialty boxes.
  • Case of 3,000 rounds.
  • Defence rounds specialty high expansion hollow point rounds, usually come in boxes of 10 or 20.

What are the benefits of buying bulk ammo?

  • You get cheaper price on your bulk ammo order.
  • Cheaper cost per round.
  • Save money on shipping cost. You may find free shipping as well.
  • Lock in availability.
  • You get ability to negotiate.

Bulk Ammo Storage? How long can ammunition be stored?

Storing bulk ammo is a concern for many gun owners. Here are some tips to keep your bulk ammo safe for the safety of you and your family as well. Subject to high heat or moisture, nothing is likely to happen with your bulk ammo. It is advised to keep your ammo in a cool place and dry place. Ammunition manufacturers suggest that their ammunition should be good for ten years at least*.

  • Ammo cans are one of the most effective ways to store bulk ammo. Ammo cans are great as long as the seal is intact.
  • Store in a cool and dry place.
  • Avoid heat, especially extreme heat which can cause your ammunition to expire prematurely.
  • Long time storage? Keep it in its original packaging.
  • Maintain a low humidity environment

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