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30-30 Winchester Ammo

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The .30-30 Winchester /.30 Winchester Center Fire (7.62×51mmR) cartridge first marketed in 1895 for the Winchester Model 1894 lever-action rifle. It is manufactured with a "metal patched" (jacketed) lead bullet weighing 160 gr.

The .30 Winchester Smokeless first appeared in Winchester's catalog No. 55, dated August 1895. When chambered in the Winchester Model 1894 carbine and rifle, it was also known as 30 Winchester Center Fire or 30 WCF. the cartridge was chambered in the Marlin Model 1893 rifle, rival gunmaker Marlin used the designation .30-30 or .30-30 Smokeless.

The new designation of .30-30 Winchester arrived at by using Marlin's variation of the name with the Winchester name appended as the originator of the cartridge, but.30 WCF still has seen occasionally. The .30-30 will produce velocities of nearly 2000 f/s (610 m/s) out of the 10-in (25-cm) Contender barrel, though recoil and muzzle blast are stronger due to the short barrel.

About .30-30 Winchester

  • Type: Rifle
  • Place of origin: United States
  • Designer: Winchester
  • Designed: 1895
  • Manufacturer: Winchester
  • Produced: 1895–present


  • Parent case: .38-55 Winchester
  • Case type: Rimmed, bottlenecked
  • Bullet diameter: .309 in (7.8 mm)
  • Neck diameter: .330 in (8.4 mm)
  • Shoulder diameter: .401 in (10.2 mm)
  • Base diameter: .422 in (10.7 mm)
  • Rim diameter: .506 in (12.9 mm)
  • Rim thickness: .063 in (1.6 mm)
  • Case length: 2.039 in (51.8 mm)
  • Overall length: 2.550 in (64.8 mm)
  • Primer type:  large rifle
  • Maximum pressure: (SAAMI) 42,000 psi (290 MPa)
Bullet mass/type Velocity Energy
110 gr (7 g) FP 2,684 ft/s (818 m/s) 1,760 ft⋅lbf (2,390 J)
130 gr (8 g) FP 2,496 ft/s (761 m/s) 1,799 ft⋅lbf (2,439 J)
150 gr (10 g) FN 2,390 ft/s (730 m/s) 1,903 ft⋅lbf (2,580 J)
160 gr (10 g) cast LFN 2,330 ft/s (710 m/s) 1,929 ft⋅lbf (2,615 J)
170 gr (11 g) FP 2,227 ft/s (679 m/s) 1,873 ft⋅lbf (2,539 J)

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