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.450-400 NITRO AMMO

.450-400 NITRO Ammo For Sale - Various Ammo Vendors Available

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.450/400 Nitro

  • Type Rifle
  • Place of origin United Kingdom

Production history

  • Designer Kynoch, Jeffery, and others
  • Designed 1899
  • Manufacturer Various
  • Produced 1899 to present


  • Parent case .450/400 Black Powder Express
  • Case type Rimmed, bottlenecked
  • Bullet diameter .405 in (10.3 mm)
  • Neck diameter .432 in (11.0 mm)
  • Shoulder diameter .502 in (12.8 mm)
  • Base diameter .544 in (13.8 mm)
  • Rim diameter .614 in (15.6 mm)
  • Rim thickness .042 in (1.1 mm)
  • Case length 3.25 in (83 mm)
  • Overall length 3.85 in (98 mm)
  • Primer type Kynoch #40

Ballistic performance

Bullet mass/type Velocity Energy
400 gr (26 g) 2,150 ft/s (660 m/s) 4,110 ft⋅lbf (5,570 J)

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The .450-400 Nitro Express is a Nitro Express rifle cartridge that produced in two case lengths, 2⅜-inches, and 3¼-inches and intended for use in a single shot and double rifles. The latter is considered a classic Nitro Express cartridge.

The .450-400 Nitro Express loaded with a 400 gr. RN bullet with 42 or 43 grains of cordite and meant for use in newer rifles chambered for the .450/400 2⅜ inch case as this loading generates higher pressure than the Black Powder Express versions of the cartridge.

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