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Flat Nose Fluted Jacketed Hollow Point

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About.470 Capstick

  • Type Rifle
  • Place of origin United States
  • Production history
  • Designer LTC. Arthur B. Alphin
  • Designed 1990
  • Manufacturer A-Square


  • Parent case .375 H&H Magnum
  • Case type Belted, straight
  • Bullet diameter .475 in (12.1 mm)
  • Neck diameter .499 in (12.7 mm)
  • Base diameter .513 in (13.0 mm)
  • Rim diameter .532 in (13.5 mm)
  • Case length 2.85 in (72 mm)
  • Overall length 3.65 in (93 mm)
  • Rifling twist 10
  • Primer type Large rifle

Ballistic performance

Bullet mass/type Velocity Energy
500 gr (32 g) Solid 2,400 ft/s (730 m/s) 6,394 ft⋅lbf (8,669 J)
500 gr (32 g) Woodleigh Soft 2,376 ft/s (724 m/s) 6,266 ft⋅lbf (8,496 J)
500 gr (32 g) GS Custom Flat Nose Solid 2,342 ft/s (714 m/s) 6,088 ft⋅lbf (8,254 J)
500 gr (32 g) Cast Lead 1,130 ft/s (340 m/s) 1,417 ft⋅lbf (1,921 J)
400 gr (26 g) Speer Flat 2,484 ft/s (757 m/s) 5,479 ft⋅lbf (7,429 J)

.470 Capstick is a rifle cartridge created by Col. Arthur B Alphin from A-Square in 1990, named after writer and hunter Peter Hathaway Capstick.

It based on a .375 H&H Magnum case blown out and necked to accept a .475 inch bullet. With 500 grain bullets, it can achieve 2400 feet per second (730 m/s) muzzle velocity from a 26" barrel.

The .470 Capstick will fit in the same length action as the .375 H&H Magnum and .458 Lott. The .458 Lott is a right measuring stick for the .470 Capstick. The Capstick has a bullet that has 7% more cross-sectional area than the .458 Lott, which, in theory, would result in more shock transfer to the game and a more significant wound channel.

As for powder capacity and velocity, they are similar, with the .470 Capstick having a slight edge in powder capacity and, therefore, a slight edge in theoretical speed.

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