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The .41 Remington Magnum is a cartridge of centerfire and it is introduced in 1964 by the Remington Arms Company. This ammo is primarily developed for use in large-frame revolvers & intended for hunting and military purposes.

The powerful .44 Magnum, primarily heavy hunting round, was considered overkill for police use, generating too much recoil for control under rapid fire. In addition, the revolvers chambered for the .44 were considered too large, bulky, and heavy for police carry.

About .41 Rem Mag

  • Type: Revolver
  • Place of origin:  United States
  • Designer: Elmer Keith / Bill Jordan
  • Designed: 1964
  • Manufacturer: Remington Arms


  • Case type: Rimmed, straight
  • Bullet diameter: .410 in (10.4 mm)
  • Neck diameter: .434 in (11.0 mm)
  • Base diameter: .434 in (11.0 mm)
  • Rim diameter: .492 in (12.5 mm)
  • Rim thickness: .060 in (1.5 mm)
  • Case length: 1.290 in (32.8 mm)
  • Overall length: 1.590 in (40.4 mm)
  • Case capacity: 34 gr H2O (2.2 cm3)
  • Rifling twist: 1-18½ in
  • Primer type: Large pistol
  • Maximum pressure: 35,000 psi (240 MPa)

Ballistic performance

Bullet mass/type Velocity Energy
170 gr (11 g) JHP Cor-Bon 1,275 ft/s (389 m/s) 614 ft⋅lbf (832 J)
210 gr (14 g) JHP 1,560 ft/s (480 m/s) 1,135 ft⋅lbf (1,539 J)
240 gr (16 g) FMJ+P Winchester 1,250 ft/s (380 m/s) 833 ft⋅lbf (1,129 J)
265 gr (17 g) HP-GC Buffalo Bore Heavy 1,350 ft/s (410 m/s) 1,072 ft⋅lbf (1,453 J)

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