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.376 Steyr


Hornady 376 Steyr Ammunition Dangerous Game Series H8237 270 Grain InterLock SP-RP 20 Rounds

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20 Rounds
$1.85 cost per round

376 Steyr Ammo

376 Steyr Ammo For Sale- Top Brands Available

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The .376 Steyr cartridge is a rifle cartridge jointly developed by Hornady and Steyr for use in the Steyr Scout rifle. It was developed as an evolution of Jeff Cooper's "Super Scout" medium rifle concept, which was in turn an extension of his original scout rifle concept.

Cooper used a version of Steyr's Scout rifle chambered in .350 Remington Magnum to hunt large and dangerous game, originally calling it a "Super Scout". The .376 Steyr is the largest practical cartridge for use in such a short, lightweight weapon as the Scout.

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