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About .38-55 Win Ammo

  • Type Rifle
  • Place of origin United States
  • Production history
  • Designer Ballard Rifle & Cartridge Company
  • Designed 1884


  • Case type Rimmed straight
  • Bullet diameter .3775 in (9.59 mm)
  • Neck diameter .392 in (10.0 mm)
  • Base diameter .421 in (10.7 mm)
  • Rim diameter .506 in (12.9 mm)
  • Case length 2.085 in (53.0 mm)
  • Overall length 2.510 in (63.8 mm)
  • Rifling twist 1 turn in 18"
  • Maximum CUP 30,000 CUP

Ballistic performance

Bullet mass/type Velocity Energy
255 gr (17 g) 1,321 ft/s (403 m/s) 988 ft⋅lbf (1,340 J)
255 gr (17 g) 1,593 ft/s (486 m/s) 1,437 ft⋅lbf (1,948 J)

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The .38-55 Winchester cartridge (actually .3775 caliber) was introduced in 1876 by Ballard. Marlin Firearms used it from 1875 on for various single-shot target rifles and their 1893 lever-action rifle.

The .38-55 used for hunting black bear and deer at moderate ranges and is also used in cowboy action shooting side matches.

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