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The 7×64mm is a rimless bottle necked center fire cartridge developed for hunting.

The 7×64mm ammo is a popular hunting cartridge in Central Europe due to its 11.95 mm case head diameter and 84 mm overall length allowing it to easily be chambered in the Mauser 98 bolt action rifle that was once standard German military issue.

The 7x64mm continues to be a first game-hunting cartridge for many animals and is expected to remain popular across Europe and North America well into the future.

The 7×64mm offered 10-12% more muzzle velocity than the 7×57mm Mauser. This results in a flatter trajectory and better performance at a more extended range.

About: 7x64mm

  • Type: Rifle
  • Place of origin: German Empire
  • In service: Never issued
  • Designer: Wilhelm Brenneke
  • Designed: 1917
  • Produced: 1917 - present
  • Variants: 7×65mmR (rimmed)


  • Parent case: 8×64mm S
  • Case type: Rimless, bottleneck
  • Bullet diameter: 7.25 mm (0.285 in)
  • Neck diameter: 7.95 mm (0.313 in)
  • Shoulder diameter: 10.80 mm (0.425 in)
  • Base diameter: 11.85 mm (0.467 in)
  • Rim diameter: 11.95 mm (0.470 in)
  • Rim thickness: 1.30 mm (0.051 in)
  • Case length: 64.00 mm (2.520 in)
  • Overall length: 84.00 mm (3.307 in)
  • Case capacity: 4.48 cm3 (69.1 gr H2O)
  • Rifling twist: 220 mm (1-8.66")
  • Primer type: Large rifle
  • Maximum pressure (C.I.P.): 415.00 MPa (60,191 psi)
  • Maximum pressure (SAAMI): 379.21 MPa (55,000 psi)

Ballistic performance

Bullet mass/type Velocity Energy
9.1 g (140 gr) SP 914 m/s (3,000 ft/s) 3,810 J (2,810 ft⋅lbf)
10.0 g (154 gr) SP 880 m/s (2,900 ft/s) 3,901 J (2,877 ft⋅lbf)
11.3 g (174 gr) SP 820 m/s (2,700 ft/s) 3,841 J (2,833 ft⋅lbf)
11.2 g (173 gr) RWS HMK 867 m/s (2,840 ft/s) 4,209 J (3,104 ft⋅lbf)

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