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7 × 65 mm R, also known as 7 × 65 mm R Brenneke, is a rifle cartridge that was initially developed for hunting use. With a bullet diameter of 7.25 mm, it has a sleeve length of 65 mm.

The 7x65R Ammo, designed in 1917, is a very potent cartridge. It is developed by the famed German firearms and ammunition designer Wilhelm Brenneke, of arms and ammunition manufacturer Leipzig's arms.

The popularity of the 7 x 65R is due to several different factors. First, off the 65 mm case is exceptionally long, this makes uses a lever or bolt action unwieldy to its excessive length.

Another advantage is the ability to have double or triple-barreled weapons that can chamber multiple calibers. The round is so prevalent in Europe that American companies like Winchester have produced break-action rifles in the caliber. A 14o grain projectile can produce velocities of 2,700 feet per second.

About: 7x65R

  • sleeve shape: rimmed cartridge


  • Sleeve shoulder: 10.8 mm
  • Sleeve neck: 7.95 mm
  • Floor: 7.25 mm
  • sleeve length: 65 mm
  • cartridge length: 83.6 mm


  • Bullet weight: 7.8 to 11.5 g (120-177 grain )
  • powder weight: 3.05-3.71 g (47-57.2 grain )

Technical specifications

  • Speed ​​v 0: 820-920 m / s
  • Max. gas pressure: 3800 bar
  • Projectile energy E 0: 2200-3700 J.

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