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17 Rem Fireball

Buy .17 Remington Fireball Ammo From Top Reputed Ammo Vendors

Remington Arms created the .17 Remington Fireball in 2007. .17 Mach IV. Factory loads drive a 20-grain bullet around 4,000 ft/s

The Velocity of .17 Remington Fireball is close to the .17 Remington. This caliber round offers less powder, and therefore less heat and fouling. Both are essential issues to high-volume shooters such as varmint hunters.

It is based on the .221 Remington Fireball necked down to accept a .17 caliber bullet, and it is very similar to the .17 Mach IV. Reports on this cartridge show mild recoil, high velocity, with minimal noise.

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