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Mailing Address: 79 Amherst St, 118 Nashua, NH. 03063 US
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Stand 1 Armory: Source For Firearms And Ammunition.

Step into Stand 1 Armory and experience a shopper's paradise. Discover exceptional deals, unmatched quality, and personalized service.

Welcome to Stand One Armory: your premier destination for a wide variety of pistol and rifle ammunition including: 9mm, 223 & more. Step into a world of cutting-edge firearms, ammunition, premium accessories, and unparalleled expertise.

They pride themselves on delivering top-of-the-line products to meet the needs of law enforcement professionals, military personnel, and firearms enthusiasts alike.

Stand 1 Armory

Whether you are seeking high-performance firearms, innovative gear, or professional training, Stand One Armory is your trusted partner in pursuing tactical excellence.

Explore their extensive inventory, immerse yourself in our commitment to quality, and elevate your tactical game with Stand One Armory.

What They Offer

Stand 1 Armory is an Ammo manufacturer and provides quality ammunition made in taxes. They properly have categories so that anyone can easily get what they need. Some of them are as follows.

  • Competition
  • Long-Range-Precision
  • Range
  • Hunting
  • Frangible

Refund Policy

Orders placed via their website are shipped on the morning of the following business day. Orders may be canceled and refunded before shipping, provided a cancellation request is received before 7 a.m. CST of the business day following the purchase. Cancellation requests must be sent to

Return Policy

All Stand 1 Armory Ammunition returns are handled on a case-by-case basis. To Initiate a claim, please contact their returns department at


Stand 1 Armory stands behind the quality of its ammunition and offers a comprehensive warranty to ensure customer satisfaction. They guarantee that their ammunition is free from defects in quality and materials for one (1) year from purchase.

During the warranty period, if any part or product covered by this warranty is defective, Stand 1 Armory will take the necessary steps to rectify the issue.

This includes repairing the defective part, replacing it with a new one, or refunding the purchase price. However, to avail of this warranty service, the original owner must return the defective part or product along with proof of purchase and an assigned return goods authorization number from their factory.

Stand 1 Armory is committed to providing excellent customer service, and as part of their warranty, they offer free repair, replacement, or refund services. However, reasonable shipping, handling, and insurance charges may apply.

Contact information

(214) 655-2666

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