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Jay H

Not worth the price

I purchased 1000 rounds of the 9mm 124 grain ammo from zincpoint. The ammo arrived in non-descript white boxes, some of which opened in transit and were missing rounds. Zincpoint refunded for the missing rounds. I shot 600 rounds and out of the 600 rounds, between 150 to 300 were duds. I returned the remaining 400 Rounds in exchange for a new lot number. I have not been able to reach their customer service since this happened.

frank w

I received my ammo after a week of ordering (most of it was transit time) -- i weighed each bullet and saw pretty consistent weight in the 1000 rounds (spread from 11.59g to 11.80g). have not shot them yet but at least they are consistent so far... my order was: 124grain, FMJ. Shell casing were of: STR and TRN variety

Zinc Point

Zinc Point started its business in 2015 and is headquartered in Miami, Florida. Zinc Point is the Online, Ammunition distributor Since 2015.

Zinc Point is a leading online ammunition distributor and small ammo manufacturing company. With access to an extensive ammunition network and its manufacturing capabilities, Zinc Point seeks to provide its clients with the most competitive pricing on the market. Products Zinc Point now manufactures and sells 300 Blackout, 556 M855, 380 ACP, and Ammo components.

Zinc Point office at 1100 South Miami Ave, Miami Fl 33130, Suite 3805. They offer fast shipping & outstanding customer service with a live tracking system.

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Zinc Point Address
Zinc Point 1100 South Miami Ave, Miami Fl 33130,
Suite 3805305-351-3186
Phone: 305-351-3186
Customer Service Email: tarek@zincpoint.com

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